Hand Curated List of 80+ Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing in 2021

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The most profitable niches in affiliate marketing are those with evergreen demand, ones that have raving fans, or both of those factors combined.

If you’re going to invest the time, money and effort required to build an affiliate site, then it makes sense to ask in advance if the niche itself is potentially profitable over the long-term.

You can make short-term money from whatever is trending right now, but multi-decade profits tend to involve more mundane topics e.g. golf.

What Are The Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing?

Here’s our shortlist of niches that you stand the best chance of making a lot of money in:

  • Hobby Niches – Photography, Travel, Sports betting, Event Tickets, Casino
  • Money Niches – Debt Settlement, Bitcoin, Investing, Credit card, Mortgage
  • Health and Fitness Niches – Weight Loss, Fitness, Yoga, Organic, Nutrition, Vegan
  • Lifestyle Niches – Luxury, Cruises, Travel, Online dating, Airlines, Fashion, Jewelry
  • Home & Family Niches – Home security, Coffee, Baby products, Dogs, Gardening
  • Tech Niches– Web hosting, WordPress, VPN, SaaS, Gaming, Software
  • Alternative Niches – CBD, Marijuana, Essential oils, Herbal, Personal development

Now that we’ve given you the TLDR version, let’s take a look at the complete list of the best – in our humble opinions – niches for affiliate marketing.

Figuring out which niche to build a site around is a lot of work.

In fact, it’s the point where most new affiliates quit – yes before they even publish their first post.

At times it feels like you’d have more luck searching for a unicorn.

But what if I told you that these unicorn niches for affiliate marketing do exist?

And that we’re going to share them with you, plus at least 6 profitable affiliate programs for each niche.

Programs that are statistically proven to be moneymakers. 

Get ready to take lots of notes because I’m about to give you a lot of tips, guides.

List of 80+ Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

1. Golf 


This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been in the affiliate marketing game for more than a few months, but golf is one of these very lucrative markets (you will find that most markets that have to do with luxury tend to be profitable affiliate niches).

In fact, the global golf industry is worth an estimated $12.55 billion per year. 

Every year.

The average golfer spends approximately £214 (US$275) per month or £2,568 (US$3,305) per year on their hobby.

While it might seem like an elitist pastime, it’s played by people from all walks of life.

And they all share one very common trait – they’re happy to spend whatever they can afford to improve their game.

Yes, golf can be a competitive niche but I was still able to find 149,000 phrases in Ahrefs with a KD score of no more than 20 which makes it one of the best niches for affiliate marketing in 2021.

It’s also fairly easy to gain traction by creating free tips & training content.

The demand for technical knowledge is here and most sites don’t do a great job at it.

2. Home Security

Home Security

I never took home security all that seriously until quite recently.

But that changed when my house was broken into a little over two years ago. 

Having your home broken into is a really icky experience, by the way.

Home security became an instant priority for me because my girlfriend was afraid to go asleep at night.

I invested in new internal and external locks, window security latches, Wi-Fi cameras, exterior motion sensor lights, and a monitored home alarm system with multiple internal sensors.

In short, I dropped the best part of a grand to make sure she felt secure again.

And that’s one of the things that makes great niches for affiliate marketing: the feeling of urgency.

1.24 million homes are broken into each year in the United States, so that’s a laser-focused audience that needs your help.

3. Online Dating

Online Dating

It’s kind of funny looking at how far the online dating industry has come in the last two decades.

It’s one niche for affiliate marketing that’s there since the beginning.

Once upon a time, anyone who used it to find a partner was seen as being a bit…well…weird.

Times have changed though, and online dating isn’t just acceptable – it’s cool!

So how much is the dating industry actually worth?

The most recent estimate says US$2 billion per year and growth of 6% per year predicted for the foreseeable future.

The same data also shows that at least 24% of people use online dating sites, or have used them in the past. 

The reason why this industry has become so profitable is that, no matter what people might believe, humans are social animals.

We yearn to be part of a tribe, and then in time to start a tribe of our own.

Helping single men and women to achieve that primal life goal can one of the most lucrative affiliate niches.

Once you know the best programs to promote.

4. Travel


It’s a big old world out there, and the overabundance of cheap flights means you can visit even the most distant shores without winning the lottery.

Okay, you might have to travel economy class and give up the luxury of business class, but that’s a small price to pay.

People are traveling now more than they ever have before in human history.

This is bad news for governments living in fear of pandemics.

But it’s very good news for the travel industry, which is estimated to have US$7 trillion (yes, with a “t”) pass through its hands each year.

That means it’s one of the largest affiliate niches in existence, and there are plenty of lucrative programs out there to help you do that.

Travel covers a wide range of potential niches and sub-niches, from the usual hotels and flights to city tours, luggage, insurance, and even clothing.

So you don’t need to take the same bull-headed approach as most affiliates i.e. trying to sling cheap flights and hotels.

5. Gaming


Trivia fact: I built my first PC just so I could play X-Wing on it…in MS-DOS. No, you’re old!

Gaming has always been part of my life, so it’s been cool to see it evolve with each passing decade.

The gaming audience has expanded now to include not only consoles but mobile devices too.

And mobile is big in the affiliate business.

Roughly 200 million people in North America alone play video games, but that’s a drop in the ocean compared to the estimated 2.5 billion gamers worldwide.

Gaming is a similar niche to golf in that the average gamer is happy to drop several hundred dollars on a new GPU or gaming chair.

And to repeat that process every year. 

There’s almost a luxury segment with infinite demand in that market.

The gaming niche – generally speaking – is one of the more competitive affiliate marketing niches. 

But I was still able to find 25,919 keywords with a KD score of no more than 20.

Plus there are multiple gaming niches to work with and an ever-growing demand in this category.

6. Home Decor

Home décor is one of those evergreen niches worth a serious look.


Well, because people are either decorating their home to sell it or are renovating a house or apartment they’ve just bought.

People spend an average of between $500 and $5,000 on decorating or renovating each room in their home.

What about recessions?

It’s the same deal, but to a lesser extent – walls need to be painted, sofas need to be replaced, etc.

But homeowners will want to do it as cheaply as possible during a recession, which is a sub-niche in and of itself (but I do like the luxury segment too).

This affiliate niche also has offers that pay between $100 and $200 per sale depending on the product category.

Yes, really.

7. Financial


Yes, we’re actually listing the finance niche as being profitable, because it inherently is.

We’ve also included it here because most new affiliate marketers steer clear of it because they assume it’s a saturated niche.

It is competitive, but it’s also far easier than trying to make money from adult content, for example.

You can see several examples of affiliates making serious money in this niche in our article on successful affiliate marketing websites.

They’re proof that you really only need a unique angle and to be prepared to work hard.

Long story short, people are taking on as much debt as they ever have, so there’s a huge market for the products and services we’ve identified for you.

So if you can make it work, it’s one of the best niches for affiliate marketing, but you should be a veteran if you are considering this category.

8. Cruises


Growing up, I used to think that only really rich people went on cruises. 

And maybe that was true once upon a time, but it’s not anymore.

Here’s a statistic to chew on – somewhere in the region of 26 million people go on a cruise each year. Those same people will spend in the region of $3,600 per head on their vacation on the high seas.

Which all adds up to an industry worth around US$125 billion per year.

People from all walks of life take cruises, and there are cruises that cater to everything from singles to rock music fans.

One tip is to find a sub-niche within this one and/or to focus on the thousands of informational keywords that have very low KD scores.

This can be a very lucrative niche with the right approach.

9. Fitness


This is another of those evergreen niches that you can be 99% sure will be around 50 years from now.

That’s because the fitness industry has been active for about 4,000 years, give or take.

Most ancient empires insisted that young men undergo physical training, usually for combat, but you also have to factor in the first ancient Olympic Games from around 2,700 years ago.

Anyways, the point we’re making here is that getting and staying fit has always been part of living a healthy life.

It’s also why the fitness industry as a whole is worth in the region of US$3.7 trillion per year.

The really good news is that you can make a lot of money with an online business by traveling the road less followed in this affiliate niche.

You’ll see what we mean when you check out the programs we found for you.

10. Music


Millions of potential new musicians are born each year, and by the time they’re 6 years old 28% of them will be studying a musical instrument

That rises to over 40% among 14-year olds.

And that’s without taking into account the growing number of people who take up a musical instrument much later in life.

What we’re driving at here is that lots and lots of people either play musical instruments or want to.

All you need to do is position offers in front of them that they’d be happy to pay for.

But that’s the problem with the music niche – actually profitable programs can be hard to find.

So that’s what we did, and some of these programs offer up to $35 per sale.

I also like this niche because it’s one of those affiliate marketing niches that’s evergreen and you can create small sites that will make money for years, giving you that true passive income feel you might be looking for in internet marketing.

There is a lot of small niche sites ideas to brainstorm in this broad niche.

11. Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Helping people with their weight loss can be one of the best ways to make money online.

Especially considering that a frightening percentage of children and adults are now classified as morbidly obese.

In short, people know deep down that being overweight isn’t healthy.

And that’s also why so many people are looking for ways to shed those pounds with an easy to follow diet.

But bear in mind that most people in these niches are now skeptical of diets and drinks that promise magical weight loss figures.

Instead, they’re looking for a program to lose weight and keep it off.

This means you could combine the research from this niche with the data from the fitness niche above.

Either way, consumers spend US$60 billion each year in this category in an effort to lose weight.

12. Real Estate

Real Estate

There’s a finite amount of habitable land on this planet of ours.

A limited resource has a higher market value, or in other words, real estate will never devalue to zero.

Yes, recessions and depressions can come along and devalue it.

But – almost without exception – real estate prices recover to at least their pre-recession values.

Somewhere in the region of 5 million homes change hands each year in a market that has an overall value of almost US$30 trillion.

So there is always demand. 

The money to be made here is within sub-niches, like the FSBO craze of a decade ago or the luxury segment or any other niche markets for that matter.

Basically, there’s little point in you trying to compete with Zillow or Trulia in their own category.

But you can focus on the thousands of informational queries (how to, what is, etc) with surprisingly low KD scores for such competitive markets.

We’ve compiled a list of offers so you can find the best affiliate program for your needs in this market:

13. Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement

A large number of people are carrying a lot of debt they couldn’t discharge or write down.

For example, there is US$829 billion of credit card debt in the United States right now.

Most people hate the idea of being in debt, so they are constantly looking for solutions to that problem.

And where you find problem/solution scenarios, I can guarantee you’ll find the opportunity to make money online in several sub-niche markets of the debt settlement.

In this case, it’s via debt consolidation, credit score, and social finance offers.

And there are affiliate programs with payouts of $50, $100 and $150 per lead in this niche.

14. Sports


Ah, sports fans – people who are willing to part with unhealthy amounts of money to enjoy their hobby.

Sometimes that’s just as a spectator and not a participant.

There’s nothing wrong with that either, especially not from an affiliate’s perspective.

But we know that you know it’s going to be difficult to make serious cash selling jockstraps and shoelaces.

That’s why we dug up some really cool sports affiliate programs for you including all the usual stuff like clothing and training equipment for different sports niche markets.

And some very cool sports memorabilia, services, and hydration affiliate programs too.

All of which can lead to some healthy profits for your business as an affiliate marketer.

15. Yoga


It wasn’t too long ago that anyone who wanted to study real yoga would have to pack their bags and travel to an ashram in India.

These days, the demand is so high that you can find multiple yoga schools in any given city or large town.

Yoga is now more popular than ever because people are desperately looking for a way to decompress and find a little shred of inner peace or do some exercise to complement your diet.

Your job is to connect them with products and services that enhance their yoga experience.

The programs we found are a pretty cool mixture, including subscription box service, yoga mats, and training programs.

16. Airlines


We’re big fans of evaluating a niche before you invest your time and money building an authority site around it.

So when we looked into the airline travel industry it piqued our interest.

And by piqued we mean surprised the hell out of us.

Did you know that there’s US$2.1 million per minute spent on airline travel in the United States alone?

Air travel has become a lot cheaper, so people are doing it more often both for personal and business reasons. 

Just bear in mind that the profit margins in this industry are wafer-thin.

So this means there are lots of affiliate commissions to be made, but they top out at around $25 per sale.

17. Coffee


Did you know that the average person drinks at least 3 cups of coffee every day?

Which costs them $9 per day, or $180 per month.

But that’s just what they spend on their 9-5 coffees.

You could almost say coffee is a luxury at this point.

Now if you factor in that they might own a home coffee grinder and/or percolator, as well as ordering special blends of coffee, you’ll begin to understand why the US coffee category is worth almost US$75 billion per year.

Coffee is just part of our everyday diet, and people can be pretty passionate about it.

Or insane, depending on how long it is since they had caffeine.

So, do them a favor and help them find some of the tastiest coffee on the planet via these affiliate programs. 

18. Makeup


One of the real tricks in making money online is finding a niche that stays golden during the good times and the bad.

A niche where people spend money even if they’re effectively broke.

Cosmetics/beauty is a perfect example of this type of niche – sales actually increase during an economic downturn.


Because the average person wants to feel good about how they look, especially if they can’t afford to do anything else.

People will spend money on these creature comforts even when they’re broke.

Now, the thing is you could easily argue that people shop for makeup locally, so there’s hardly any point promoting it online.

But the programs we’ve tracked down for you to promote prove otherwise.

19. Photography


You might think you don’t know enough about photography to run an affiliate site on the subject.

The thing is, the majority of photographers are amateurs or hobbyists.

So you don’t need to be an award-winning photographer to have a voice in this niche.

And the second thing is that a number of bloggers have built an entire affiliate marketing business around their photography blogs.

Don’t believe us?

Google a guy named Joshua Dunlop.

Another perk of operating in this niche is that photographers don’t give a second thought to dropping several hundred dollars on a new camera.

All you need are the right products and services to promote, which you’ll find below.

20. Supplements


You might have noticed a little bit of a trend in the niches we’ve listed so far?

Hint: Several of them are related to health and diet or luxury in one form or another.

And the supplement niche is just another example of that.

The stereotypical image of a supplement user is of somebody chugging protein shakes.

But this niche is way more nuanced than that, especially when it comes to nootropics, or what people refer to as “smart drugs.”

Long story short, this industry is currently worth at least US$120 billion per year and is set to double in size within a decade.

And let’s not forget that health supplements exist for pets too, doubling the market again.

If you want to find the perfect affiliate program to build a profitable affiliate site in that niche, check the list we compiled for you

21. Insurance


Selling insurance is an odd niche if you think about it – you’re selling somebody financial protection against something that might happen.

But if the worst doesn’t happen, then the insurance company pockets the profits.

That also explains why the North American insurance industry is worth US$1.2 trillion per year.

But people are happy to pay the premiums because the average cost of even a minor car accident is around $7,500. 


The neat part about the insurance niche is that you can break it down into sub-categories like automotive, homeowners, health, life, travel, pet, etc.

There’s even volcano insurance.

Yes, that’s a real thing.

All you need to do is use a little lateral thinking to promote an insurance affiliate program to an existing audience.

22. Jewelry


This niche is kind of a no-brainer.

People love buying jewelry, jewelry costs money, therefore there’s money to be made.

In fact, consumers from all walks of life spend an average of US$300 billion every year on watches, rings, bracelets, etc.

And that’s the main point to emphasize here – jewelry isn’t just something for “rich” people.

Bling makes people feel good.

Now, most jewelry is purchased as a gift for somebody else, but roughly 30% of all jewelry sold internationally comes from online sales made by affiliates.

So even though there are jewelry shops in almost every city, people still choose to shop online.

Go figure.

This is good news for you, especially considering there are offers that pay an average commission of $900 per sale.

That’s not a typo.

Find the perfect affiliate program in the jewelry niche on the page below:

23. Automotive

Cars & Auto

Some niches might not exactly get your heart racing, no pun intended.

But if you’re a little bit of a petrol head, then this is the perfect niche for you – it combines something you care about with an ability to earn a full-time income from related programs.

The range of offers we found was pretty diverse, covering everything from motorcycles and muscle cars to golf carts.

But you’ll find out more about them when you follow the link below:

24. Baby Products

Baby Products

If you’re not sure whether or not the baby niche is for you, then here’s something to think about:

In the time it took you to read this, 20 children were born.

Don’t believe us?

Check out the world population clock and you’ll see this is very much a growth market.

There’s that and the fact that most new parents will drop around $10,000 in caring for their new baby in the first year of its life.

How many niches can you think of where people are morally obliged to spend money on something?


25. Bitcoin and Cryptos

 Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

I genuinely admire the way cryptocurrencies have helped disrupt the FIAT currency markets.

Because they needed to be disrupted.

And even though you’ve all seen Bitcoin rise and then completely face-plant, cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

Bitcoin has rallied pretty impressively over the last 6 months or so, for example.

That means the “craze” is far from over, so you’ll still be an early adopter if you get to publishing in this niche ASAP.

Oh, and we’ve identified programs for you that our competitors have completely overlooked.

26. Casino


But…but isn’t the casino industry just insanely and stupendously competitive?

Yes, and no.

“Yes”, it can be difficult to get backlinks to sites about gambling.

But “No” this niche isn’t as competitive as people say it is.

We tracked down 38,131 long-tail keywords in Ahrefs with a KD score of 10 or less, and an additional 768 “Questions” with a KD score of 10 or less.

That’s just an example.

And then you need to factor in that gambling has been around literally forever, probably since the first caveman grunted, “Bet Thrakk can’t outrun tiger with huge teeth over there.”

27. CBD


I don’t think anyone really expected cannabis to be made legal as quickly or to the extent it has.

Now, CBD-based products are not quite the same thing because they lack the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) component that gets you high.

Instead, what the CBD industry is focused on are the health benefits available to humans and animals through ingesting cannabidiol products.

It seems to have pretty much cured my dog’s arthritis, for example – that’s not medical advice, just my personal experience.

Because we don’t want to get sued, do we?

The CBD industry worth about US$18 billion as of the time of writing, with steady growth predicted for at least the next decade.

28. Christian


If you’ve read anything by Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, or Richard Dawkins, you could easily assume that the Christian faith is in decline.

The opposite is actually true, with many people who were once atheists reconsidering their options, so to speak.

As of right now, there are 2.4 billion Christians on this planet, so you have a massive market to tap into.

But what on Earth could you possibly sell to Christians?

Well, how about movie streaming services, gifts, home decor, clothing and even arts and crafts with a Christian slant?

29. Investing


Relax, you don’t need to be Warren Buffet to publish content in the investment niche.

In fact, the majority of investors are relatively new and looking for advice on how to get started.

That’s because most people have nothing invested or saved for their retirement – they need a solution to their problem.

So you won’t suffer from impostor syndrome…too much.

We’ve found some really neat investment affiliate offers for you, including the usual stuff like stock portfolios, but also real estate, precious metals and peer-to-peer crypto loans.

And some of them pay up to US$70 per lead.

30. Luxury


This is a niche in and of itself, but it’s also a great way to identify sub-niches or tangential ones.

So, if you have a blog or website that targets an affluent audience, then these programs are ideal for you.

But this list of affiliate offers is also useful for anyone who’s struggling to find a niche.

One that’s not quite mainstream but is most definitely lucrative.

Like mattresses that pay over $300 per sale, or private jet hire companies that pay upwards of $3,000 per lead.

And that’s just a random sampling of what you’ll find listed.

31. Organic Products

Organic Products

The “green” industry is worth an estimated US$4 trillion per year.

That figure encompasses everything from solar power, to recycled toilet paper- people are willing to spend money to ease their environmental conscience.

Right now, the “green” movement is more of a “raving fan” audience than it has been since the 1970s.

So that makes it perfect for promoting organic products to.

That doesn’t mean you’ll be selling them mail-order quinoa though.

There’s far more exciting stuff for you to promote, including beauty products.

32. Pet


I’m a dog owner, so I know just how far other pet owners are willing to go to care for their furry friends.

(Well, my dog adopted me, but that’s a whole other story in learning what really matters in life.)

In my case, that’s totaled thousands of euro just for her health, including two surgeries.

And that kinda explains why the pet market in the United States is worth at least US$70 billion per year. 

You can 2x that for an approximate figure of what the international market is worth.

This can be a competitive affiliate niche, but there’s still plenty of space for new affiliate publishers who are passionate about pets.

33. Solar


A friend of mine recently went 100% off-grid, and no longer has to pay for electricity.

I’ve become almost obsessed with this idea since he told me.

So I’m working to implement as much solar as possible in my own home.

I’m not alone either, because the solar industry is worth somewhere in the region of US$400 billion per year.

You can promote everything from solar chargers for mobile devices, all the way up to full solar power systems for residential homes.

34. Vegan


I’m not a vegan, nor will I ever be one, but it’s hard to ignore the impact of these words: 

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Gandhi

Vegetarianism has been around for a long time, but veganism has only been a lifestyle choice since the 1800s.

There’s been a huge push towards veganism to help prevent the climate change you’ve heard about via social media.

This is also why there are now 6x as many vegans in the United States as there were just a decade ago.

The plant-based food industry is now predicted to be worth more than US$20 billion within the next decade.

But there’s a lot more to promote to the vegan niche market than just food – like beauty, health supplements and much more besides.

35. Nutrition


And we finish off our roundup of affiliate niches with another “healthy” niche – nutrition.

As part of the truly massive health and wellness industry, nutrition is estimated to be worth US$700 billion.

There is a definite trend towards people being far more aware of the food they eat.

People are now willing to spend more if that means they get to eat healthier and more nutritious meals.

This applies to both eating out and at home, leaving this market wide open to the numerous subscription box companies serving it.

And they’re just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the offers and programs you can promote.

36. Marijuana


You’ve gotta love how much affiliate marketing can change in the span of a few years.

Like how marijuana affiliate programs are now a thing.

And a very profitable thing at that – you’re looking at a market worth US$63 billion.

The programs listed include everything from supplies and accessories like vaporizers, grow tents and soil, to the different types of seeds you can promote.

Cannabis will continue to be legalized in different states of the union, and countries around the world.

So this is most definitely a growth market.

That’s the worst pun ever.

On a serious note, being an early adopter here could put you in a position to earn retirement money faster than you could with almost any other niche.

37. Personal Development

Personal Development

We all want to be the best possible version of ourselves.

Who doesn’t want to be smarter, stronger, less distracted, more at peace, wealthier, have a better job, or just more free time?

Maybe not all at once, but I’m sure you can relate to at least one of the above as a personal goal…you’ve yet to achieve.

Basically, we know we can do better…and we want to.

And that’s why the personal development niche is worth an estimated US$13 billion per year.

People are more than happy to splash some cash on a personal development program that works.

All you need to do is hook them up with the best ones you can find.

38. Essential oils

Essential Oils

Here’s a somewhat tangential health niche that you probably:

  1. Didn’t think there was any money in; or
  2. Assumed was absolutely saturated

Not so, dear readers. Not so.

In fact, the essential oils niche is currently experiencing both a growth spurt and a surge in popularity.

A lot of this has to do with people looking for alternative ways to treat their health challenges.

That’s why the market is predicted to double in value to at least US$27 billion within the next few years.

Which makes it more valuable than the online dating niche by a factor of 3x.

And there are literally thousands of low competition keywords still up for grabs.


And no, none of the affiliate programs listed are even remotely related to those shady MLM “business” plans you’ve heard about.

Just the types of products and services you’d be happy to feature on your blog.

39. Vaping


At least 500,000 people die each year in the United States from smoking-related illnesses.

Smoking cigarettes is demonstrably bad for you, and that’s coming from a smoker.

Yes, yes it’s a filthy habit and I’m ashamed of myself.

But let’s focus on you and why you should consider the vaping niche.

There are US$19.3 billion reasons why, to be precise.

More people are buying vapes than ever before – the market has tripled in the last five years.

And if anything the regulation of vaping will legitimize it, encouraging more people to at least try vaping for the first time.

So, despite what the mainstream media might yammer about, vaping isn’t going away any time soon.

The numbers don’t support the hysteria.

40. Dog


People tend to think of dogs as just being cute or adorable.

And they are – we love our doggos, right?

But our relationship with dogs is far more complex than that.

Did you know that dogs release oxytocin (the love chemical) when you look at or pet them and that your cortisol (stress hormone) levels drop when you hang out with your furry friend?

Dogs are literally good for your health.

So, it’s no surprise that dog owners spend an average of $1,200 per year in feeding, caring for and entertaining their prized pooch.

Worried that it’s already saturated?

It’s not – there are tens of thousands of low comp keywords for you to publish content around.

41. Restaurant


You’d never considered restaurants as being a potential niche until the moment you read this?

Well, you’re not alone in that.

This is one of those surprising niches – surprising in terms of the programs we found and how much money some of them pay their affiliates. 

The restaurant supply industry in the United States alone is valued at US$44 billion per year – that’s just foodstuffs, plates, forks, knives and kitchen equipment.

Yes, some of the programs are the “dinner certificate” type, but we also uncovered some really novel products and services too.

What are they?

Well, click on the button below and you’ll find out.

42. Sports Betting

Sports Betting

Before we go any further on this we need to be clear about something:

Sports betting is a very competitive vertical.

Calling it cut-throat is actually an understatement.

But it can also be insanely profitable – earning 6-figures per month can be the norm for many super affiliates. 

So, while we do understand that some affiliate marketers might question entering this niche for moral or ethical reason, I have a double-barreled question for you:

When is the last time you bought a lottery ticket, and how is that any different to putting $5 down on your favorite team to win?

The reality is that people are going to bet online, whether or not you approve.

And with a market valued at US$225 billion per year, there’s a lot of money to be made here.

43. Fishing


One of my earliest memories is of my father teaching me how to beach cast from the soggy sands of a seaside town near to where I currently live. 

On a warm summer’s day, I can smell the salt from that same stretch of ocean.

For him, it was passing a tradition from father to son, but also a skill that can be used later in life.

So I lived the, “…teach a man how to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime.”

And 49 million Americans practice that skill every single year, for the same variety of reasons.

Fishing itself takes many forms, from sports to recreational, but all told the “hobby” fishing industry is worth an estimated US$212 billion per year.

So we tracked down some excellent programs to allow you to reel in some healthy profits.

44. Education


You’re probably wondering exactly how you can go about monetizing education?

Well, the first way is by promoting online education programs and exam guides.

The Internet started out as an educational tool used in schools and colleges before we people hijacked it to share cute cat pictures and memes.

But the beauty of the Internet is that it still facilitates the education process – you can study for a degree even if you’re living up a mountain.

And then you can add in all the other physical aspects of education like paper, pens, chairs, desks, etc.

See, that’s how you monetize education…once you have the right affiliate programs to promote.

45. Books


I remember talking to one of my sisters about how conflicted she felt about owning a Kindle.

That it might somehow help bring about the end of paper-based books.

But I replied that I figured that a percentage of readers would always want to actually hold their favorite book in their hands.

Turns out I was right…minus predicting the explosive growth of the Kindle market.

The printed book industry is still worth US$119 billion per year, and there’s a thriving market for used book sales – both as buyer and seller.

And in another twist, there’s also a new sub-niche – eTextbook rentals for college students.

So, now is as good a time as any to start an affiliate site around any of the above topics.

46. Event Tickets


Pick a random affiliate marketer and ask them to brainstorm ideas for a new affiliate site.

There’s an excellent chance that event tickets either wouldn’t cross their radar or if it did that they’d discount it.

Now, while that’s understandable it would also mean missing out on an industry where consumers spend at least US$60 billion this year and up to US$80 billion before it’s time to elect a new president.

That’s made up of tickets for events, attractions in certain cities, or just specific attractions.

The point is that people of all ages, and from all walks of life, now have a tendency to book their event tickets online.

And you can get a cut of each ticket sale with the programs we found for you.

47. Herbal


When you think about sage, lavender, or thyme you don’t automatically think “Moolah!”

But there was a time when certain herbs were worth their weight in gold.

Actually, saffron still is worth its own weight in gold – $5,040 per pound, to be precise.

Now, while we can’t promise earnings like that, we were somewhat gobsmacked to see that the herbal medicine industry is worth over US$70 billion per year.

So, regardless of what your feelings are on the subject of herbal medicines, we’d gently suggest that you park your opinion until you finish reading through our research on the niche and the programs we found.

You can thank us later.

48. Job


Once upon a time ago, there was the notion of having a job for life.

These days, the average employee will have multiple jobs and/or careers within their lifetime.

That’s now the norm.

And the market will shift again in dramatic ways once automation becomes mainstream for service industry jobs.

We’re talking maybe 25 years down the road.

But for right now, people looking for a new job need help with everything from their resume, to learning new skills, how to prep for their interview, and what to wear.

And yes, we found affiliate programs for you in each of those sub-niches.

Some of them with enviable commission rates. 

49. VPN


There’s never been a better market for VPN’s than what exists right now.

And if there was any justice in the world Edward Snowden would get a cut of every VPN package sold.

He exposed what people had suspected for a long time – that our governments are actively snooping on private data.

Which turned virtual private networks from a fad for geeks and nerds into a US$50 billion per year industry.

So you can help your visitors surf the web anonymously, while also protecting themselves from identity theft and other online security threats.

Or even just help them access the full library of their favorite online media streaming service.

Either way, this is a growth industry, with the potential for a lot of affiliate income.

50. Pharmacy


Relax, we know what types of images “pharma” affiliate programs conjure in the minds of most people.

But this roundup has nothing at all to do with those types of products.

Instead, we’ve tracked down legitimate programs that cover everything from mail-order prescriptions, to drug discount schemes, all the way through to pharma offer affiliate networks.

So it’s nothing like the other “research” posts doing the rounds.

Is this niche worth your time and effort?

Well, it’s worth $128 billion per year.

So that’s a resounding “Yes”.

51. Gardening


Most affiliates tend to look for exciting niches when they go about building their first site.

They want to promote high ticket items and score big financial wins.

So mentioning gardening as a potential niche can cause a raised eyebrow or two.

That’s despite the fact that the gardening industry in North America is currently valued at over $70 billion per year.

People love gardening, and that’s without taking into account the growth in homesteading and urban farming.

It’s also worth mentioning that some of the most famous Authority Hacker alumni have made serious money in the gardening niche.

Like, 7-figures per year serious.

52. Credit card

Credit Card

I remember the first time I saw jaw-dropping affiliate income.

It was about 15 years ago when a friend of mine showed me what he was making from credit card affiliate offers.

Knowing that an income of US$60,000 per month was entirely possible changes how you see things.

Now, times have changed.

Credit card affiliate offers don’t pay quite as much as they used to.

And there’s more regulation in the industry.

But there’s still incredible demand for credit cards – that’s why the industry is worth US$3.2 trillion in the United States alone.

So here are the programs we’d promote if we were to enter this niche.

53. Mortgage


It would be easy to assume that nobody is looking for a mortgage these days.

What with the mortgage crisis of a decade ago, and the world basically being completely insane right now.

But assumptions are never a good idea when it comes to building affiliate sites.

That’s because 88% of mortgage applications in the United States are approved. 

Basically, the mortgage industry is booming with thousands of new mortgages being granted every week.

And some of the affiliate programs we found for you pay up to $200 per lead.

So, you do the math.

54. WordPress


Most of the websites you visit on a regular basis are run by WordPress.

And that’s because WordPress is the iPhone of web development – it made web publishing accessible.

You don’t need to know HTML, CSS, or PHP to run a WordPress site.

Also, it pretty much invented the idea of blogging as a hobby or business.

The massive popularity of the platform has created the demand for hosting, tools, and other services.

Which – believe it or not – has created a sub-industry worth around US$140 billion per year.

The WordPress affiliate programs we rounded up for you show you how to get your slice of this pie.

55. Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you know that web hosting affiliate programs can be insanely profitable.

For those of you who have been residing in a cave of some kind, read the above.

But is there still any money in this niche?

Well, consider that 547,000 new websites are created every single day.

Each of those websites is hosted somewhere, and they most likely signed up for their account via an affiliate link.

And with average commission rates of $100 per sale, affiliates are making a whole pile of cash promoting web hosting offers.

Is it a competitive niche?

Not if you’re clever about how you approach your content marketing.

56. Fashion


An ideal niche is one that people actively spend money in, but is also recession-proof.

That – even during a major economic downturn – people will continue to purchase whatever products you’re promoting.

And, oddly enough, fashion is one of those “perfect” niches.

Because when everything else in their life has gone to hell, people still like to look and feel good about themselves.

Even during times of war.

Another interesting tidbit is that the online fashion is experiencing a boom right now, with revenues growing by about 25% per year.

You’ll also be surprised at just how much commission some of these programs pay.

57. Software


I remember my first computer – a Sinclair ZX81 with 1KB (yes, one Kilobyte) of RAM.

Back then, “software” was what you typed in from the pages of a magazine.

The software industry today is a very different beast, with new applications appearing on a daily basis to help you with everything from task management to image manipulation.

It’s become an incredibly competitive industry to be involved in.

Which is why pretty much any piece of software you can think of will have an affiliate program of some kind.

And some of them are happy to pay you up to $50 for referring a new customer.

Software is probably the most overlooked niche I can think of right now.

58. Skincare

Skin Care

Skincare is one of those niches with an audience more than happy to spend a vast amount of disposable income on products or services.

Because – as much as we might hate to admit it – humans are vain creatures.

We’ve used beauty products for at least 7,000 years.

And we’re likely to continue doing that for the next few millennia at least.

But what is the skincare industry worth today?

A staggering US$180 billion just in North America and that figure is set to grow quite a bit over the next five years or so.

59. binary Options

Binary Options

Binary options are part of the global currency trading market.

And while it’s impossible to put an exact value on it, you can be pretty sure this market is worth trillions.

The programs listed in this roundup are a mixture of exchanges, brokers, and training programs.

Each of the brokers and exchanges is regulated, so your visitor’s cash is safe with them.

Basically, there’s something here to suit pretty much every aspect of an audience interested in binary options trading.

And quite a bit of money to be made from doing that.

60. Saas


SaasAstands for Software As A Service, or basically software that you rent on a monthly basis, but never actually own.

So any web-based service you pay for is a SAAS product.

Now, the beauty of this is most of the big software companies are pushing hard to get their products in the cloud instead of your local hard drive.

Which means tons and tons of affiliate programs for you to promote – including many of the products and services you already use.

Right now this market is valued at around US$600 billion, but with massive growth predicted over the next few years.

You definitely want to check this one out.

61. Credit Repair

Credit Repair

A certain percentage of people will always get themselves into financial trouble.

It won’t matter if the economy is up or down – some folks are just “bad” with money.

And that’s without the risk of an ever-present recession or downturn of some kind looming on the horizon.

So there’ll always be demand for credit repair services, and the affiliate programs that go along with them.

And because this is an evergreen niche, the site you build today will probably still be putting money in your bank account a decade from now.

You can’t say the same for many “popular” niches.

62. Metaphysical


You don’t believe in this stuff?

That’s fine because somewhere in the region of 100 million people in North America do. And you can 4x that figure for the potential global audience.

Or let me put it this way – how many friends do you know who read their horoscopes or have visited a psychic at least once during their life?


And the neat thing about this niche is that it’s not all tarot cards and magic crystals – you’ll find clothing, jewelry, and even water bottle programs to promote.

Plus, most affiliates tend to avoid this niche because they think it’s either a bit hokey or there’s no money in it.

Yet the successful affiliates in this niche pull in 6 figures per month.

63. Forex


For those of you who have never used ClickBank, Forex is an investment strategy that involves “betting” on Foreign Exchange rates.

Or more specifically on the future price difference between a pair of currencies.

Is that actually worth anything to investors?

Only around US$5 trillion per year, and yes, that’s trillion with “T”.

This is BIG business, but it is also a form of gambling.

In terms of the affiliate programs you can promote, these range from trade alert software, brokerages, social networks, to tools and trading systems.

Just bear in mind that this most definitely is a competitive niche.

But competitive niches also tend to offer the biggest affiliate payouts.

64. Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

– Anatole France

This is how pet owners feel about their furry friends, or what others dispassionately refer to as “companion” animals.

The very last thing they want to have happen is for their dog, cat, or other pet to become ill.

It causes the same level of distress as a human member of their family being unwell.

Every pet owner who has ever had to pay a massive veterinarian’s bill understands why pet insurance is invaluable.

The pet insurance affiliate programs we found for you have offers for the US and Europe, as well as insurance products designed for older furry friends or those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Oh, there’s also the tiny detail that this sub-niche is worth US$10 billion per year in the United States alone.

65. Personal Loans

Personal Loan

There’s a basic rule of affiliate marketing that’s worth remembering – you can make a lot of money in a niche where there’s a ton of demand.

And personal loans are a perfect example of how profitable the finance niche can be.

The financial crisis of 2008 didn’t change human behavior.

People are borrowing as much money now as they ever have.

Which is why the personal loan industry is enjoying double-digit annual growth.

Yes, some of the programs are effectively payday loans.

But there are also other offers like car title loans, personal loan comparison sites, and even “community” lenders.

So there’s something for most audiences with even a passing interest in personal finance.

This isn’t a niche for the faint-hearted, which is why these programs are willing to pay up to US$150 per lead/sale.

66. Drones


Wait…aren’t drones just toys for kids, and adults who never really grew up?

Yes and no.

Yes, you can get drones that are nothing more than toys.

But no, drones also have lots of professional applications, such as photography, construction and security.

That’s why the commercial drone industry is now worth over US$40 billion per year.

And what’s really surprising about this niche is how varied it is.

You can promote everything from drone pilot training programs to GoPro cameras and obviously the drones themselves.

These range from models costing $30 to $3,000.

So there’s a lot of scope here for earning some tasty affiliate commissions.

67. Weddings


The first-ever recorded marriage took place in Mesopotamia around 2350BC.

And they’ve been arguing ever since.

Probably because he left the toilet seat up in 2349BC.

Anyways, my point is that marriage is most definitely an evergreen niche – it’s a practice that pre-dates religion.

People get married during famines, or even during times of war.

So you’re tapping into an active market, one worth over US$70 billion per year.

The programs we selected for you also help identify a number of sub-niches, like wedding favors or gift registries.

But there’s all the usual stuff like jewelry, dresses, flowers, photos, robes, and honeymoon vacations or cruises.

There’s a lot of money to be made in this niche, but you’d be wiser to go narrow and deep with a sub-niche rather than broad and authoritative.

68. Survival


Preppers are typically viewed by the average person as being a bit “out there.”

Until 2020 rolled around and everyone suddenly understood the importance of having extra food and water stored at home.

The truth of the matter is that humans are hardwired for survival.

It’s why we became the dominant species on the planet.

And that means promoting prepper programs is tapping into a demand everyone has, even if they don’t realize it.

That’s why this market is worth at least US$10 billion right now, something they’re calling the “Doom Boom”.

It’s also a really interesting niche because you can promote everything from hunting gear, a prepper backpack, and freeze-dried food all the way through to bunkers.

Private condo bunkers that pay you a 10% commission for finding new “tenants”.

69. Art


Now, here’s another niche most affiliates will completely overlook.

Instead, choosing to chase the same niches as everyone else.

Art just doesn’t sound like a very “sexy” niche, does it?

Would you still hold the same opinion if I told you that this market is worth US$70 billion per year?

Or that there are a huge number of sub-niches you can target.

Like “art supplies” where there are hundreds of low competition (KD20 or lower) keywords.

Maybe you have a parenting site that could benefit from side hustling art subscription boxes?

You could even go down the route of art classes – a friend of mine recently bought a $1,200 iPad to learn how to draw.

Another almost completely untapped sub-niche.

70. Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

The most successful affiliate marketers tend to be very good at one thing – helping people solve problems.

That could be helping you find a date, how to build a website, or even preparing your taxes.

Because most people would rather face an IRS audit and late fees than sit down and do their year-end receipts.

Fortunately, there’s a whole pile of businesses out there that can help with filing returns.

And the really cool part is that some of them even offer tax prep free of charge.

So if you can’t get people to click a link to a free tax prep service…you might be in the wrong job.

Also, some of these affiliate programs pay up to $100 per sale.

Which puts them on the same level as credit card affiliate programs.

71. Shoes


I own three pairs of shoes. Actually, that’s two pairs of boots and one pair of shoes.

But I know I’m the exception rather than the rule.

Back in my day job I worked with people who bought a new pair of shoes every week.

And that was almost exclusively from online stores.

They’re the “average” person who spends almost $300 per year on new shoes.

Which makes this both a “raving fan” and an evergreen niche all in the same breath.

Maybe now you understand why Tony Hsieh set up Zappos?

Anyways, there are literally hundreds of different affiliate programs for shoes.

72. Watches


How do you know if somebody owns a Rolex?

They tell you.

But here’s the really messed up thing  – humans have only worn wristwatches since the late 1800s.

They’ve become the norm for us in a little under 200 years.

Which is why we buy almost 1.2 billion watches each year, spending over US$115 billion on them.

This includes everything from luxury watches to handcrafter artisanal models to a basic digital watch.

Do people really spend that much on watches?

Oh yeah, they do – there are even subscription boxes for this.

And some of the watch affiliate programs we tracked down pay up to US$165 per referral.

73. Arts and crafts

Arts And Crafts

Not everyone takes their art therapy to the extent of sculpting or drawing.

But even people who don’t sculpt or draw still find that doing something with their hands can be very therapeutic.

And that’s why arts and crafts are so popular with so many people of all ages.

From all walks of life.

People love working with paper crafts, knitting, stickers, scrapbooking, fabrics, etc.

Roughly 5.6 million of them in North America alone.

Which results in a niche worth US$50 billion per year.

And you’ll probably face a lot less competition here than in more mainstream or popular niches.

The low hanging fruit can be very profitable if you allow them to.

74. Tech


Can you imagine living in a world where the technology you take for granted simply doesn’t exist?

No smartphones because there’s no wireless Internet.

And no Internet because there are no computers.

Life as you know it would change forever.

The fact is that anything that impacts a society so dramatically obviously has huge value.

Which is why the tech niche is worth US$4 trillion per year.

And it’s so expansive you can promote everything from metal detectors to web hosting.

Some of which pay referral fees of up to $500 per sale.

Plus, you don’t ever have to worry about tech going out of style, which makes it kinda evergreen.

75. Hunting


If you picture a hunter as being some kind of stereotypical Redneck hunting wabbits, you’d be well off the mark.

That’s because tens of millions of Americans either hunt or fish each year.

Hunting is for people who understand that your meat or fish doesn’t come from a supermarket.

This is also one of those niches where fans spend a lot of money – the average angler spends something like $1,200 on gear.

Every year.

And hunters combined contribute at least US$25 billion to the economy.

Hunting is also a niche that’s not just about weapons – there’s also emergency food, shelter, clothing, and boots to promote.

There’s actually quite a bit of overlap here with the survival niche, so that’s also something worth bearing in mind.

76. Hair Products

Hair Products

Have you ever noticed that there’s always space in the local market for a new hairdresser?

Even if your city or town already has one on every street.

It’s because the average person is far more vain about their hair than they’d ever care to admit.

And that vanity means spending at least $80 on hair care – if not 5x that figure – every single year.

Plus, new customers for this niche are being born literally every day.

The neat thing about the hair care niche is that it spans everything from custom hair treatments for curly hair to hair accessories and even hair regrowth products.

Commissions in this niche aren’t huge.

But it is one of the few niches where repeat orders for popular products are pretty much guaranteed.

77. Cats


Cat owners have this thing where they’ll spend money on cat food and treats before spending money on themselves.

Actually, that’s all pet owners to be fair.

But cat owners need to be that more zealous but their feline friends.

Something they’ve done since cats were first kept as pets by ancient Egyptians.

Cat houses, toys, scratching posts, pet insurance, and climbing frames are the norm and almost regardless of the cost.

And if you’re worried that this niche might be too small to be worth the effort it’s worth mentioning that there are almost 100 million cats living in homes across America.

Which makes it a massive market, where you don’t need to convince people to spend money.

Oh, and you can make up to $80 per sale with some of the programs we found for you.

78. Hemp


Being an early adopter in a niche can be worth quite a bit of money.

I mean, imagine if you’d started an iPhone site way back in 2007 and developed it ever since – you’d be sitting on a 6-figure monthly income by now.

Hemp is in the same territory.

Because even though people have used hemp for tens of thousands of years, it’s only now becoming “socially” acceptable to use it.

Purely because governments can tax the living hell out of it.

This is an evergreen niche in more ways than one *cough*.

And it’s not all just hemp edibles and CBD oil – you can even promote hemp clothing, rope, bags, and even martial arts clothing.

That’s how diverse this $20 billion niche is.

79. Meditation


Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

– Ferris Bueller

Ferris was right – our world does move at breakneck speed.

There’s the constant encouragement to do more, travel more, read more, swipe more, and photograph everything.

It’s exhausting.

And that’s reflected in the huge increase in the number of people suffering from some form of anxiety or depressive disorder.

It’s also exactly why more and more people are turning to meditation in an attempt to tune out the constant noise of modern life.

The meditation niche is not only beneficial but it’s also very interesting.

You can promote everything from books and candles to meditation mats, essential oils, and spiritual counseling courses.

And the more hectic our modern world becomes the more demand there will be for products and services related to meditation.

80. Keto


If you’re not familiar with Keto it’s simply a low carbohydrate diet by another name.

But it’s popularity stems from the fact that people following a keto diet can lose substantial amounts of weight in very little time.

Like 30-pounds in a month, for example.

And as with any other kind of diet, Keto dieting has a huge potential audience and a rabid following.

Existing Keto followers fans are always looking for the latest snack or supplement to add to their routine.

And those new to Keto are looking for a friendly introduction and the right steps to follow.

Either way, you literally just need to position the right products in front of Keto dieters and they’ll purchase them without thinking twice.

81. Psychics and Astrology

Psychic And Astrology

The whole idea of psychics and astrology might seem comical to some.

But that doesn’t stop fans and followers from spending at least US$2 billion per year on the various products and services that come as part of the market.

Regardless of whether you believe in it or not.

But do you believe your bank balance would look much happier because you’re earning up to $150 per sale?

Because that’s exactly how much “psychic wellness” sites are willing to pay you for a new referral.

Even at the low end, $100 commissions are the norm in this niche.

And, believe me, there’s a ready audience for the various offers in this niche – from hippy stargazers to executive managers.

82. Podcasters


Podcasting might seem like a relatively new form of media.

But the first-ever podcast went live in 2004, thanks in no small part to the existence of the iPod.

There are now 850,00 active podcasts in the world, every single one of them wanting to emulate the success of Joe Rogan.

Basically, there’s a new podcaster born every day.

And each of them will need the tools of the trade to make their podcast a success.

Like microphones, software, chairs, a camera, lighting, and training courses for writing scripts, etc.

All told the average podcaster needs to spend $500 to get set up.

Then they’ll also need a range of profitable programs they can promote to their podcast audience, and maybe even some advertising networks to sell airtime to.

83. Coupons


Woah…coupon affiliate programs – aren’t they just for spammers?

Any affiliate program can be abused, and that includes ones that promote coupons.

The truth is that some of the biggest e-commerce companies on the planet have coupon programs you can promote.

Walmart and Rakuten are two perfect examples of this.

Legit coupon affiliate programs exist – you just need to know where to look.

Are they worth promoting though?

The payouts can be small, but this is a volume game.

Some offers might only pay 10c cents for each coupon, but there are hundreds of millions of digital coupons “clipped” each year.

You can do the math on that one.

84. Cell Phones

Cell Phone

You don’t need us to tell you that the cell phone marketing is massive.

$500 billion per year massive.

And yes, it’s also a competitive niche to build a site in.

But only if you’re trying to be an authority site covering all the bases.

Instead, why not focus on a popular sub-niche like photography lenses for iPhones.

Or parental control software for smartphones?

Or maybe even ruggedized cell phones that don’t fall apart the first time you drop them?

And there are still lots of opportunities to make very good money if you have an audience interested in swapping cell phone providers.

This is a niche where high commission rates are in the $50 to $100 per sale range.

Bonus Affiliate Programs

This is kind of like the end credits scene in a Marvel movie.

So far, we’ve covered specific niches and their associated programs.

But we’ve also published content focused on two other key areas – offers that pay a lot of money and those that pay you more than once.

Recurring affiliate programs


As a martial arts instructor once explained to me, “Why break one joint when you can break two?”

The same logic should apply to any affiliate marketer – why not get paid multiple times for one sale?

And that’s exactly what recurring programs offer.

Now the flip side of this is that most recurring programs only pay a few bucks per month.

So having 4 recurring customers paying you $9 per month isn’t going to buy you that island in the Caribbean you’ve always dreamt of.

But 100 recurring customers paying you $900 per month will definitely be good for your financial health.

Like making a dent in your monthly rent or mortgage payment.

High-paying affiliate programs

High Paying

It’s really, really easy to find programs that promise to pay you (the affiliate) a ton of cash.

But it’s much harder to find ones that actually made good on that promise.

The high-paying programs we found have a proven sales record i.e. their affiliates make money

What they also offer are commissions ranging from $75 to $350 per sale. 

And no, they’re not all web hosting services – we didn’t take the easy way out.

How to Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

You have two basic strategy choices when you’re new to affiliate marketing:

  1. Choose an affiliate niche where you know there’s money
  2. Tackle an affiliate niche where you hope there’s money

Proven niches – with very few exceptions – are more lucrative than untested ones.

So you can invest a lot of time, money, and effort in trying to find that one niche nobody has thought of yet.

Or you can dig down into a niche you know is profitable.

Basically, you can try reinventing the wheel, or you can just follow our guides and do what works (we’ve done over 10 years of internet marketing at this point so we’ve been around).

Wrapping It Up

And that brings us to the end of our roundup of niche ideas.

We do our best to avoid publishing long posts just for the sake of it, but we have a whole lot of affiliate marketing niches to share with you.

You now have hundreds of profitable programs to choose from, thanks to us going all Sherlock Holmes for you.

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